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A must-have for any bathroom or en-suite, adding the right basin to your space can helpto complement to style and feel that you hope to convey. Working in unison with other fixtures in order to create the seamlessly planned retreat to relaxation that you’ve been dreaming of, basins come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, styles and types.

Pedestal Basins

Probably the most popular type of basin in the UK, the pedestal basin is the one you’re most likely to have encountered many times before. The basin itself attaches to the wall with the pedestal running from the base of the basin to the bathroom floor to hide the pipework.

Keeping your bathroom looking tidy and stylish, full and part pedestal basins come in a range of different shapes, colours and sizes to match the style of your bathroom or en-suite. The pedestal basin is probably the cheapest and most basic type of basin you could choose, and the experts here at David Love are experts at getting them installed without a hitch.



Countertop Basins

A stunning contemporary statement, the countertop basin sits atop your counter and is also knows as a sit-on bowl. With tall taps and a stunning aesthetic, the countertop basin is a masterpiece in style and elegance.

With so many different shapes and styles available, you can be sure to find one that matches your bathroom style flawlessly and gives you the dream space you’ve been looking for. A high-end and wonderfully elegant choice, the countertop basin could be the finishing touch to the stunning display of relaxation that you deserve.



Inset Basins

Popular at hotels and other high-end or luxury buildings, the inset basin sits within the countertop so the top edges are flush with it. Rather than a pedestal to hide the plumbing, the inset basin has a countertop that can be made of a range of materials with a range of luxury finishes.

Create the perfect, chic look with an inset basin and choose the best materials and styles to complement your newly designed bathroom with the confidence that David Love Bathrooms are here to perfectly install your new basin.


Wall mounted

The pinnacle of minimalism, the simple and edgy wall-mounted basin simply attaches to the wall, with no pedestal, countertop or other features visible. Most comes with a partial pedestal or bottle trap underneath the main basin to hide the plumbing and add integrity.

Creating the illusion of more space, the wall hung basin is the perfect choice for those who want to create a minimalist, contemporary look in a bathroom with limited space. The wide selection of different shapes, colours and styles opens up a world of possibilities that ensures you’ll find the right fit for your overall vision.



We love helping your create the perfect bathroom, and our experience bathroom fitting experts are always here to answer questions you may have about your installation. From single basins in cloakrooms or downstairs lavatries, to full bathroom redesigns – we can do it all.

Trust our experts to perfectly install and plan to make sure your new basin is perfectly placed and flawlessly installed. Call the team today to find out more about how we can best help you.