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Bathrooms aren’t just about the toilets, baths, basins and showers that you fit – the furniture you choose has an important role to play as well. Every bathroom needs somewhere to store toiletries, towels and even some decoration, and you have a range of different types of storage to choose from.

Inject a touch of personal style with the perfect bathroom furniture and storage options to keep your stylish new bathroom looking tidy.

Floorstanding Furniture

A popular way to store your bathroom items, floor standing furniture offers you the freedom to place any shape and size furniture in a spot of your choosing. With  so many colours, styles and shapes to choose from, you can place white wooden shelves to complement your contemporary feel or maybe a dark brown wicker tower with wicker and fabric shelves to add that chic appeal.

Wall-mounted Furniture

A modern-day innovation and a popular choice for many high-end contemporary bathrooms, wall-mounted furniture is fixed to the wall and can’t be moved. It does, however, give the perfect modern look and can offer lots of storage for your products and towels.

Sometimes placed under a basin, and often higher up on your bathroom wall, wall-mounted furniture can be any shape, size and colour you want so you can find the perfect match for your chosen bathroom design. With options for every budget and a range of materials to choose from, you’ll find the perfectly styled wall-mounted storage furniture and we’ll fit it without any fuss.

Save space with the ingenious range of wall-mounted cabinets and storage options and store your towels and toiletries safely away.

Mirrored Wall cabinets

A classic choice and a great way to save space, the mirrored cabinet hits two birds with one metaphorical stone. Offering storage space for smaller items while giving you a mirror, mirrored wall cabinets often sit above the basin at eye-level, so you can preen and groom yourself to perfection.

Ensure your flawlessly styles cabinet is fitted by the experts, in just the right place and made to last, with David Love Bathrooms.

Vanity Units

Placed under the basin, a vanity unit is one of the most common pieces of bathroom furniture we see in modern bathrooms. With a range of styles so you can find the perfect match for your overall design, you can add a touch of contemporary class with an under-basin vanity unit.

They can be large, small or inbetween and are the perfect place to store toiletries, medicines and other bathroom bits that you’d prefer not to be on show while still being easily accessible.

With so many materials and styles to choose from, there’s a vanity unit for every vision and budget, and we’re the perfect choice to expertly fit it for you.

Put your faith in David Loves Bathroom’s expert team of bathroom fitters and see the magic we can bring by perfectly placing your chosen bathroom furniture in your bathroom or en-suite. Get in touch today for more information on our furniture fitting services.