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Getting the look and feel of your bathroom just right is an important aspect of designing and installing your new space, but it’s worthless if nothing works right. Plumbing is the heart and soul of your home and makes the central heating and water flow smoothly to your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else.

Getting the plumbing done properly is essential, as bad plumbing can cause leaks, burst pipes, corrosion and several other problems further down the line. Plumbing shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be considered heavily when you’re designing your new bathroom.

We can help to guide you on what would be possible and what may prove a challenge in terms of plumbing your dream bathroom. Other pipes, the structure of your home, size of the room and placement of the room in the house can all contribute to how the bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom WC can be plumbed.

Whether or not you want underfloor heating, towel rails or panel heaters can help to determine where they can go in the room. Almost everything in your bathroom needs to be plumbed into the system, but there are electric options available for heating, and toilets can be installed on a closed system if required.

Before you get to work designing the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having, give David Love Bathrooms a call to find out our advice on the best layout for the products you want.

As seasoned professionals as plumbing experts, we can quickly and effectively install or amend plumbing systems to ensure that all of your fixtures are fully connected and in perfect working order. We’ll talk everything through with you before we start, outlining what needs to be done, how much it will cost and why it’s important. We’ll then get to work installing full systems or amending old ones to ensure that the plumbing is in tip top condition for your newly installed and redesigned bathroom.

Sometimes, old plumbing can cause issues and need to be repaired or replaced, and we can help with that too! Or plumbing specialists are well versed in all the latest tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix plumbing issues that may effect your brand new bathroom.

Plumbing pipes are often hiddin in walls or behind furniture and fixtures such as pedestals or vanity units. However, exposed plumbing can often give a genuine Victorian vibe to a bathroom and works perfectly with standalone, rimmed baths with period-design taps and shower.

No matter what your plumbing needs, we’re here to help. Just ger in touch with a member of the team today and discover how our fully inclusive bathroom installation includes all the plumbing work you need, and how our top-quality service ensures a long life for your bathroom.