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Escape into the supreme realms of relaxation with the perfect shower for your bathroom.  Choose from a range of styles and finishes and trust David Love Bathrooms to get it installed and in working flawlessly.

Corner Showers

A space-saving marvel and the perfect choice for those utilizing a smaller space. Often a popular choice for en-suites or other small bathrooms, the corner shower gives you the freedom you need to get a great experience without giving up too much space.

Over-bath Showers

Fit your shower over your bath to give yourself a relaxing and free experience without the confines of an enclosed unit. With stylish screens and a range of different shower units available, from the traditional to the sleek and contemporary, you’ll be overcome with the freedom of tranquility.

Smart Showers

Go that extra mile and embrace the wonders of technology with a smart shower. Perfectly installed and set up for maximum convenience, smart showers can allow you to control the temperature and pressure of your shower from a panel and show enriching information. A high-end choice for a modern-day home that loves new technology, smart showers really are the future

Enclosed Showers

Create your own private personal shower haven with an enclosed shower. Style and design the perfect space with showers that are created from walls with one Perspex panel door, or style a contemporary look into your bathroom with the range of different available shower enclosures.

Rain Showers

Rain showers offer an incredible, relaxing experience that transports you into a rainforest of tranquility. Designed to enrich your shower experience by creating the feeling of rain, rain showers are placed directly above where your head would go, either from the wall or ceiling.

With chrome, brass and other options available, you can style your rain shower to bring a minimalistic look to your bathroom, either with a hint of contemporary wonder or a more traditional approach.

At David Love Bathrooms, we’re here to not only install your new shower to perfection but also to ensure that you find the perfect fir for you. Our years of experience and highly experience bathroom fitters and engineers are well-placed to help you design and install your dream shower.

We’re always happy to help our clients, so we can talk you through all the different types of shower that are available to you and which ones we think would be best placed for the space you’ve chosen to transform.

Factors such as whether you’d also like a bath, as well as which basins and WCs you’ve chosen can factor into the shower that would look and feel most at home in your new bathroom.

Call a member of the David Love team today for more information of the different showers we can help you install, and how replacing your shower can give your bathroom a new lease of life.