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Give your bathroom the perfect look with versatile and long-lasting tiling. With so many options to choose from, you can find the tile best suited to you to create the sanctuary you’ve been hoping for. Tiling is an important part of bathroom design, as the excessive water and moisture means that standard wall and flooring may be insufficient to suit your needs.

You can get the perfect style, design  and type of tile that best matches your vision and space.

Ceramic Tiles

With a huge variety of different styles, designs and colours, the ceramic tile is a mid-range option to help you make your bathroom the perfect haven of style, grace and relaxation. Water resistant to avoid damage and with so many options to choose from, ceramic tiles are probably the most popular type of tiling we see.

Walls and floors can be matched flawlessly by fitting the same design tiles on both, giving you a luxury feel and an incredible bathroom experience.

Porcelain Tiles

A little more expensive than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are a better quality alternative to the standard ceramic tiles you see in most bathrooms. Kiln dried at higher temperatures, they’re more durable, stain resistant, water resistant and longer-lasting than their ceramic tile brothers.

Porcelain tiles are the best choice for those who want a higher quality product for a luxury feel. With less chance of scratches and breakages, porcelain tiles will go the distance while giving your bathroom the style it needs.

Stone Tiles

A popular up-and-comer in bathroom tiling, stone tiles are a high-end choice that come in a range of different textures and materials. From limestone and slate to marble and granite – they may need a little bit more maintenance, but it’s definitely worth it.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a popular way to take advantage of the light in your bathroom to create a stunning environment that you can relax in. Mosaic tiles see different coloured tiles, or tiles of varying shades of the same colour, laid out on the walls or floor to create the classic mosaic look.

Simple, fresh and the best choice for no-fuss bathroom redesigns that need a little something extra to make them stand out, the glass tile is an easy-to-clean and stunning alternative to ceramic tiling.

Linoleum Tiles

This classic bathroom isn’t quite what a lot of people would call a tile – but it’s a popular and low-cost way to achieve a range of different looks in your bathroom. Linoleum is remarkably versatile and will complement any decorating style. If you have an older home, for instance, linoleum flooring can match the original period design

No matter which tile you choose for your bathroom, David Love Bathrooms are here to fit it for you. Ensuring that your tiles are perfectly laid and will last a lifetime, our expert bathroom fitters can help you choose the right type of tiling to suit your needs, style and design.

Call today to find out more about how we can best help you to transform your bathroom into a place of stylistic wonder with the help of just the right tiles.